My Life

1799 -Alexander Pushkin is born

1981 – I am born

1984 - my parents DO NOT let me go to Kindergarten :(

1987 - my father drops me off at music school where I have the possibility to successfully skip classes in transverse flute as my major study course, piano as my minor, harmony, choir, music history and other subjects.

1995 - my father returns to pick me up from the music school.

1996 - my parents move to Germany. In their hand-luggage: me and my brother

1998 - I want to enter a convent.

1999 - a priest falls in love with me. I change my mind about the convent.

2001 - I become integrated in Germany by converting to Islam.

2003 - I convert back and learn Turkish.

2005 - I have a son. His father is Turkish. I separate from my son’s father, finally take off my headscarf and give my son a Greek name.

2008 - I have my first German boyfriend. Hurrah. I can finally become really integrated.

2009 - I register to become a member of the carnival association. My goal: to integrate perfectly. I begin to learn Öcher Platt (a dialect in Aachen)

2010 - I complete my training as a technical design assistant.

In the same year, I begin to write songs.

July 2011 - my first concert in Eschweiler under the name LIZUSHA. I begin working as a singer-songwriter. I write lots of songs.

2012 - first appearance in Mixed-Show “Meikels komische Baustelle” in Aachen. Many appearances follow. My songs get funnier and funnier.

In 2014 I stop being a singer-songwriter and decide to do comedy.

May 2015 -  premiere of the solo comedy program „Was glaub' ich wer ich bin?!“ (Who do I think I am?!) An absolute hit!!

December 2015 - performance in Nightwash im Waschsalon Stand-up comedy at its best

March 2016 - I win the East Fresia Cabaret Prize in Leer

TV appearance in Vereinsheim Schwabing (BR), an evening of cabaret by the Bavarian television broadcasting company

TV appearance in Ladies Night with Gerburg Jahnke (ARD, WDR)

2020 - I am famous all over Germany, have 2 sold-out solo programs every week, furthermore I start a band, write a worldwide hit.

2025 - I finish my fifth Book, have a passive income and can finally begin studying psychology.

2081 - Reincarnation as a boy